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Jan Bakkes

Senior Researcher Senior Project Leader
Office of Communication and Management Support

NameJan Bakkes

Phone number06-46166132

E-mail addressjan.bakkes@pbl.nl

OnlineTIAS, China Council

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Global and European Outlooks
In November 2015, I have reached the age of 65 and largely retired from PBL. I kept a small, nominal PBL assignment in support of the China Council for International Collaboration on Environment and Development.



  • Chemistry (and spatial planning, and national accounts)


  • OECD (Paris)
  • RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
  • World Bank (Washington DC)
  • Statistics Netherlands
  • Pennwalt chemical industry

Side activities

  • Integrated Assessment Society TIAS, vice-president. www.tias-web.info