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Press releases 2007

Up to 2011 the PBL had separate press releases and news items; after 2012 these were combined on the website. For press releases from 2012 onwards, see the news items.

  • Industrialised countries to collectively meet 2010 Kyoto target

    In 2010 the total greenhouse gases emissions produced by industrialised countries with a Kyoto target (e.g. the European Union, Japan, Australia and Russia, but not the United States), will probably be about 11% lower than in the base year 1990. If ... read more

    Press release | 11-12-2007

  • IPCC Co-chair Bert Metz of the Netherlands’ MNP at the Nobel Prize ceremony

    On the 10th of December the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to co-laureates, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore, at the prize-giving ceremony in Oslo, Norway. Bert Metz, co-chair of the IPCC working group III on mitigation ... read more

    Press release | 06-12-2007

  • Peaking profiles can achieve temperature targets with more likelihood at lower costs

    Some of the slow climate change response to increasing greenhouse gas concentrations can be prevented by reducing greenhouse gas concentrations after a peak is reached. Such so-called ‘peaking scenarios’ can have a 10-20% greater probability of ... read more

    Press release | 16-11-2007

  • Nobel Peace Prize for UN-IPCC and Al Gore

    The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency greets the news of the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore with great pride. Both have won this prize for their efforts in spreading ... read more

    Press release | 12-10-2007

  • Chinese CO2 emissions in perspective

    The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP) announced this week that according to preliminary estimates for 2006 China topped the list of CO2 emitting countries, surpassing the USA by an estimated 8%. To evaluate the implications ... read more

    Press release | 22-06-2007

  • China now no. 1 in CO2 emissions; USA in second position

    China’s 2006 CO2 emissions surpassed those of the USA by 8%. This includes CO2 emissions from industrial processes (cement production). With this, China tops the list of CO2 emitting countries for the first time. In 2005, CO2 ... read more

    Press release | 19-06-2007

  • Dual benefits ozone protocol: protecting Ozone layer and Climate

    The 1987 Montreal Protocol - restricting the use of ozone-depleting substances - has helped to both reduce global warming and protect the ozone layer. Without this protocol, the amount of heat trapped due to ozone-depleting substances would be double ... read more

    Press release | 05-03-2007