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Biomass Assessment - Supporting Document

Report | 09-06-2008
Photo of a sunflower

This supporting document contains the result from the inventory phase of the biomass assessment of global biomass potentials and their links to food, water, biodiversity, energy demand and economy. This study provides a comprehensive assessment of global biomass potential estimates, focusing on the various factors affecting these potentials, such as food supplies, water use, biodiversity, energy demands and agro-economics.

Author(s)Lysen E ; Egmond S van (eds) ; Dornburg V ; Faaij A ; Verweij P ; Banse M ; Diepen K van ; Keulen H van ; Langeveld H ; Meeusen M ; Ven G van de ; Wester F ; Alkemade R ; Brink B ten ; Born GJ van den ; Oorschot M van ; Ros J ; Smout F ; Vuuren D van ; Wijngaart R van den ; Aiking H ; Londo M ; Mozaffarian H ; Smekens K
Report no.500102014
Publication date09-06-2008