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Methodologies for estimating shipping emissions in the Netherlands

Report | 01-04-2010

Proper estimation of shipping emissions is essential for an impact assessment of shipping on air quality and health in port cities and coastal regions. In the Netherlands shipping is an important source of particulate matter. This report provides an internationally accessible and transparent summary and description of the methodologies used in the Netherlands Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) to estimate PM emissions from shipping, including recently implemented updates.

Emissions from ships in berth and from inland shipping

Detailed methodologies have been developed, since 2000, for estimating emissions on the North Sea, in ports and from inland shipping. The report describes in more detail the emission factors and activity data that are currently in use to estimate emissions from berthed ships and from inland shipping. Subsequently, it presents recommendations for further research and improvement.

More information

The study was carried out by TNO as part of the Netherlands Research Program on Particulate Matter (BOP).

Author(s)Gon HD van der ; Hulskotte J
Report no.500099012
Publication date01-04-2010