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Roads from Rio+20

Challenges for food and biodiversity

Eradicating hunger and maintaining a stable and sufficient food supply while conserving biodiversity will require both short- and long-term actions.

In the current situation of increasing claims on land, substantial effort is needed on multiple fronts to achieve sustainable development goals. This includes improved yields (especially in areas where yields are low compared to their potential), waste reduction in the food chain, climate change mitigation, better land planning and the expansion of protected areas. Lifestyle changes towards less resource-intensive consumption patterns could also contribute. Finally, to eradicate hunger, it will be necessary to increase access to food for the poorest households.

To implement these actions, four fundamental short-term policy priorities can be defined:

  1. Create conditions to accelerate sustainable agricultural intensification
  2. Ensure a more robust food system
  3. Mainstream biodiversity considerations in land-use planning and management
  4. Promote changes in consumption patterns

Clearly, these priorities are likely to differ across countries, depending on income levels.