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Department of Sustainable Development

The Department of Sustainable Development aims to make the concept of ‘sustainable development’ manageable for policymakers and for society. It takes a broad view of sustainable development; what would be needed to achieve and maintain a good quality of life – both here and now, and elsewhere and in the future? To research these issues, this department continually works to develop and apply comparative frameworks and accompanying policy instrumentation. This also involves further development of methods and cost–benefit analyses, and system-dynamic and economic model calculations used in outlooks and in evaluations of policy. As the  socio-economic, physical and policy processes of sustainable development occur on various scales, this department focuses its research not only on the Netherlands and Europe, but also considers the global context.


  • Frank Dietz
  • 070-3288710
  • frank.dietz@pbl.nl
  • Marijke Hofman
  • marijke.hofman@pbl.nl
  • 070-3288710