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Clara Veerkamp

Department of Nature and Rural Areas

NameC.J. Veerkamp, MSc

Phone number0615299998

E-mail addressclara.veerkamp@pbl.nl


As an environmental scientist I work on modelling of ecosystem services on different scales (national, European, global) for the Dutch Natural Capital project, the European Nature's Outlook and OpenNESS project.
To model ecosystem servcies we make use of GLOBIO-ES, a model developed by PBL. I contribute to the further development of this global model and apply it within the OpenNESS project to assess the effect of European policy options on ecosystem services in and outside Europe.



  • Biology, minor Environmental Science (BSc), Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Environmental Science - Environmental System Analysis (MSc), Wageningen University


  • Junior researcher ecosystem services, Wageningen University