Symposium: 'Ukraine’s housing recovery forum' - rebuilding a place to call home

Sharing knowledge for action

The invasion of Ukraine has caused considerable loss of life, damage to homes, and the erosion of livelihoods. Being able to return home is not only an aspiration for many, but essential to Ukraine’s social and economic recovery. Tangible efforts to rebuild homes and neighbourhoods offer hope to the millions of Ukrainians now displaced across Europe.

For these reasons, the rebuilding of homes and neighbourhoods require urgent attention and appropriate knowledge, technical assistance, together with adequate long-term investment.  Therefore, a symposium is organised in The Hague. If you'd like to join, sign up below.

Housing Recovery Symposium with Ukrainian and other European professionals

The Netherlands and the large European community might be of help. For that reason, a symposium is organised in the Netherlands (The Hague) where Ukrainian and other European professionals share knowledge on (affordable) housing provision and urban development. The aim is helping to define the contours of future housing and land policies in Ukraine. The event will involve and address key stakeholders in the recovery, such as representatives of the Ukrainian government and the European Union. 

Together with the many Ukrainian housing and urban professionals present in the Netherlands at this moment, experts from the Netherlands and beyond will present tools for the recovery of homes and neighbourhoods. Contributions from the Ukrainian government, the European Commission, Dutch government and the International Organisation of Migration will complete this unique half-day symposium.

Date and place

The symposium will be held on February 15 2023, starting at 14.00h, hosted by the PBL National Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) in The Hague, Bezuidenhoutseweg 30. It is a hybrid forum (i.e. both online speakers and in-person speakers and attendees). The capacity for in-person attendees is limited. The programme takes up to 17:15 with drinks and snacks afterwards. 

The symposium is organised by PBL, in close cooperation with the Dutch Board of Government Advisors CRA, with input from urban academics, and policy-makers from Utrecht University and RMIT Universities, New Housing Policy Ukraine, the Ukraine Netherlands Urban Network, and KuiperCompagnons. 

Programme 14.00 - 18.00 h

  Description Speakers
Introduction Welcome André van Lammeren, deputy PBL director
Oleksandra Tkachenko, Ukraine Netherlands Urban Network
Opening statement on the need to act together as a European community  Representative of the Ukraine Unit, European Commission
Opening address Ukraine’s homes and neighbourhoods hopes for the future – housing in the recovery plan Representative of the Ukraine government
Towards a housing and recovery agenda Bent Madsen, Chair of Housing Europe
Designing the future. Towards affordable, sustainable and inclusive places Francesco Veenstra, Chief Government Architect, Board of Government Advisors (CRa), the Netherlands
Ukraine's challenges ahead Informing Housing and Urban Policy challenges  Galyna Sukhomud, New Housing Policy Ukraine
View of local situation Representative of the  city of Lviv, Ukraine 
Learning from experience – the affordable housing pilot Konrad Clos, Affordable Housing Program, International Organisation for Migration 
Securing affordable homes European experiences of recovery  Julie Lawson, author of #Housing2030 and adjunct professor, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University
Providing land and securing investments for affordable housing Michaela Kauer, City of Vienna
Refining new policies for the diversity of social needs and housing fund typologies —affordability for different groups Anastasia Bobrova, CEDOS thinktank
Creating liveable neighbourhoods Neighbourhoods for the future: connecting and retaining investments  Edwin Buitelaar, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency 
Connecting investments in housing and infrastructure in Finland Jarmo Linden, director Housing and Finance Development Centre ARA Finland 
Planning and land policy in Ukraine Oleksandr Anisimov, New Housing Policy Ukraine
Call to action Dutch commitment to Ukraine's recovery Jennes de Mol, Dutch ambassador to Ukraine
Towards an investment agenda

Gzregorz Gajda, senior urban investment specialist European Investment Bank 
Vladyslav Rashkovan, IMF

Thank you Invitation for follow-up André van Lammeren, Deputy PBL director
  Drinks and llight refreshments  



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