Department of Integrated Environmental Policy Analysis

PBL’s Department of Integrated Environmental Policy Analysis (IBL) focuses on policy analyses and assessments on the four strategic themes of Climate change and energy transition, Circular economy, Food, agriculture and nature in transformation, and Urban and regional development.

A wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods are developed and applied at this department, including participatory assessments, economic modelling, scenario development and cost-benefit analyses (CBAs). The fields of environment, economy and society are brought together in the integrated approach as well as in outlook studies on Welfare and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to safeguard the quality and reliability of its analyses, PBL is continually working on the quality of the data, models and methods used. The IBL Department contributes to this with its expertise in the fields of data science, computational modelling and visualisation.


You can reach the Department of Integrated Environmental Policy Analysis by:


Marian Abels-van Overveld

Graphics Editor
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Bart Ariaans

Bas Arts

Chief Scientist
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Aldrik Bakema

Deputy Head of Department
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Arthur Beusen

Senior Researcher
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Filip de Blois

Graphics Editor
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Daniëlle Borgmeijer

Jetske Bouma

Senior Researcher Environmental economist
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Corjan Brink

Researcher Environmental Economics
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Sander de Bruyn

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Jos Diederiks

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Alexandros Dimitropoulos

Researcher Scientific researcher
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Olav-Jan van Gerwen

Deputy Head of Department
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Sabine de Haes

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Aldert Hanemaaijer

Senior Researcher Projectleader Integral Circular Economy Report NL
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Bert Hof

Researcher Program leader Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA)
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Maikel Kishna

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Julia Koch

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Sonja Kruitwagen

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Eva Kunseler

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Xinyu Li

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Paul Lucas

Researcher Sustainable development and international climate policy
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Astrid Mangnus

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Astrid Martens

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Sido Mylius

Senior Researcher advisor Methodology and Modelling Techniques
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Raymond de Niet

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Durk Nijdam

Research Assistant
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Nico Pieterse

Jarry Porsius

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Anne Gerdien Prins

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Melchert Reudink

Bart Rietveld

Information Manager

Trudy Rood

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Jan de Ruiter

Graphics Editor
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Kees Schotten


Johan van der Schuit

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Mariësse van Sluisveld

Researcher Long-term decarbonisation pathways
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Bert Tieben

Stefan Troost

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Daan in 't Veld

Researcher Circular economy
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Lisa Verwoerd

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Herman Vollebergh

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Rick de Vries

Research Assistant energy transition on the local level
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Kees Vringer

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Allard Warrink

Graphics Editor
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Edwin van der Werf

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Harry Wilting

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Rob Zwitserlood