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All that is left is manure

Infographic | 18-08-2014
All that is left is manure

The Netherlands contains so much livestock that it cannot be fed only on nationally grown feed. A substantial amount of animal feed has to be imported.

A big share of Dutch meat products is exported, mostly within Europe. The manure that was produced in the process, however, remains in the Netherlands. Over the years, this has led to the accumulation of nitrogen and phosphorus in the agricultural soil. This has caused the eutrophication of nature areas, ditches, lakes, rivers and the North Sea.

In 2010, Dutch livestock produced 72 billion kilograms of manure, most of which ended up as fertiliser. This fertiliser adds minerals to the soil. Some of these are taken up by plants and crops, the rest drains away into the groundwater or surface water, or evaporates as ammonia into the air.

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