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Combining human development with conservation of biodiversity: engaging production sectors to bring multiple SDGs within reach

Infographic | 06-07-2017

If current trends in population and wealth growth continue, the increasing demand for food, wood, water and energy will have negative consequences for biodiversity worldwide. Most pressures causing this loss can be attributed to production sectors. To address and mitigate these pressures, businesses need to become aware of their impact on biodiversity, and of the economic risks of losing natural capital and its benefits. Mainstreaming biodiversity concerns in production sectors is therefore an important strategy for attaining the targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Integrated development pathways with the potential to bring several SDGs within reach are wanted. They need to serve the CBD targets: halt global biodiversity loss, halve the rate of natural habitat loss (CBD Aichi target 11), and expand the protected areas network (CBD-Aichi target 5). The pathways should also serve SDGs in other domains, such as eradicating poverty and hunger, providing access to safe drinking water and modern types of energy generation, and limiting the mean global temperature increase to 2 °C by 2100. Options for production and consumption of food, feed, fibres and fuel, along with energy generation and measures for climate mitigation form the central part of solution packages that are built around pathways for alternative future development. In all pathways, hotspot areas of highly valued biodiversity should be prioritised and given the status of protected areas.

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