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Dutch Agenda Stad

Infographic | 29-05-2016
Dutch Agenda Stad

Europe faces increasing urbanisation which brings both opportunities and challenges. Major urban challenges manifest themselves within a variety of societal domains, such as climate adaptation, inclusion of low-income groups, and new economic drivers. Business, local governments, civil society and universities in urban areas are anticipating on these opportunities and challenges.

The Dutch national Agenda Stad focuses on the overlapping areas of economy, liveability and innovation. Opportunities and challenges in urban areas that require collaboration between the national government, cities and other stakeholders lie at the heart of the Dutch Agenda Stad. These are often complex, radical and transitional challenges that do not fit in existing policy frames.

The Dutch Agenda Stad and the Urban Agenda for the EU are in line with each other. The national agenda can be an example of an innovative way of collaboration for other European countries and cities, while at the same time Dutch cities can learn from the way other European cities deal with major urban challenges.

Source data

The information about the Dutch Agenda Stad has been provided by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK). More information can be found here: http://agendastad.nl

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