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Energy is mainly used by industry

Infographic | 18-08-2014
Energy is mainly used by industry

Household electricity and gas use amounts to a share of 12% (407 PJ) of the total energy use in the Netherlands (3,258 PJ). Traffic and transport has a slightly larger share of 15% (499 PJ). The largest share of about 40% (1,375 PJ) is from industry, also because energy is used as a raw material. Energy companies use their share of energy: 12% or 377 PJ. The other energy consumers (e.g. agriculture, horticulture, construction, trade, services and government) use the remaining 18% (598 PJ).


The Netherlands is an important country as far as global energy flows are concerned. It is the seventh largest gas exporter and the ninth largest oil importer and an oil-products exporter. Dutch gas production, however, has peaked. The share of imported gas is increasing and the dependency on foreign suppliers is growing. Imported fuels have sometimes made the Netherlands dependent on unstable foreign regions. In addition, burning oil, coal and gas also is one of the main causes of climate change. Increasing energy efficiency and promoting a transition towards more sustainable forms of energy are important policy objectives, at both national and European levels.

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