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Quality of life in cities

Infographic | 29-05-2016
Quality of life in cities

How do Europeans rate the quality of life in their city? To answer this question, the European Union regularly conducts an extensive survey of almost 80 cities of varying sizes (European Union, 2016). This infographic shows the level of satisfaction according to seven indicators. This allows for interesting comparisons between cities. For example, many capital cities, such as London, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, offer a high quality of life, but score much lower on affordable housing. In some smaller cities, such as Aalborg, Braga, Groningen, Zagreb and Oulu, the score on housing prices is more in line with the other indicators.

Source data

The circle charts in this infographic are based on data published by the European Union; ‘Quality of life in European cities 2015’ (2016). http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/nl/information/publications/studies/2016/quality-of-life-in-european-cities-2015

Use of infographics

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