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Status of the Manufacturing Industry Decarbonisation Data Exchange Network (MIDDEN) project, November 2018

Infographic | 22-11-2018


PBL and ECN part of TNO have started the MIDDEN initiative, a network that is aimed at building a knowledge base for decarbonisation options and is shared and recognised by all stakeholders. We believe that up-to-date information may help decision-making and lead to new insights, to the benefit of Dutch industry and the economy as a whole.


MIDDEN gathers up-to-date information on Dutch industrial locations, processes, and products, along with a wide variety of decarbonisation options for those processes. Some of those options may be very uncertain and/or for the far future, as they are aimed at emission reductions that are in line with the Paris Agreement. All our findings are verified with the industrial companies themselves, in order to ensure applicability, and location specifics are also taken into consideration.

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