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Infographic | 18-08-2014

In 2010 within the Netherlands we travelled 136 billion kilometres by car; 17.2 billion by train; 14.6 billion by bicycle; 6.7 billion by bus, tram and metro ; 5 billion walking; 3.5 billion by other transport modes. Next to that the Dutch travelled 61.3 billion kilometres by aircraft.

Without transportation, everything literally grinds to a halt

The Dutch are real travellers; they travel to work, to the shops, to school, to visit family or friends, to play sports, to restaurants, theatres, cinemas, parks and holiday destinations. And they travel increasingly further away from home. The strongest growth is in air travel.

Transport is not just about people, it is also about goods. Freight transport is growing even faster than passenger transport, although that growth is sensitive to the economic crisis. Goods are most often transported by truck, with inland shipping a close second, followed by pipelines and finally by rail. Transport provides great benefits, but there are also disadvantages related to motorised transportation; it is relatively expensive, noisy and polluting. It also emits greenhouse gases and can cause serious accidents.

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