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Towards a Global Integrated Sustainability Model: GISMO1.0 status report

Report | 18-11-2008
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Sustainable Development deals with the link between the environment and development issues. This link is very complex, including many interrelations between social, economic and environmental developments. The Global Integrated Sustainability MOdel (GISMO) addresses the trade-offs between these developments. The GISMO-project is part of the strategic research programme of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL).

Health, poverty and education as the main pillars

The project takes the distribution, continuation and improvement of Quality of Life as the main outcome of sustainable development, with health, poverty and education as its main pillars. It addresses Quality of Life in relation to the three sustainability domains. This report presents the GISMO1.0 model, as well as the rationale behind the project and the methodological aspects.

GISMO provides insights in the dynamics of long-term development

The GISMO1.0 model is especially applicable for addressing the inertia in the system, for example the demographic transition and education dynamics. Furthermore, it is very useful for analyzing trade-offs between energy, agriculture and socio-economic developments. The model provides a promising framework for analysing the effects of specific policies on human development, and their interaction with the environment.

Author(s)Hilderink HBM ; Lucas PL ; Hove A ten ; Kok MTJ ; Vos MG de ; Janssen PHM ; Meijer JR ; Faber A ; Ignaciuk A ; Petersen AC ; Vries HJM de - Hilderink HBM ; Lucas PB (eds)
Report no.550025002
Publication date18-11-2008