Assessing dangerous climate impacts for the Netherlands

14-12-2006 | Publication

In order to understand the urgency with which climate change needs to be controlled, it is important to realise the extent to which climate change can become dangerous for countries. The key question of this assessment is how Article 2 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) can be elaborated into quantitative indicators for climate change control.This assessment revisited indicators, based on previous research, on the basis of new information available and concluded that the key indicators could be clustered along six key sectors for The Netherlands - namely fresh water, ecosystems, health, coastal zones, tourism and recreation, and agriculture.Although this assessment builds further on the results of a limited participatory integrated assessment, carried out in the previous round of a related assessment, Helping Operationalise article Two (HOT-2), this project merely updated the information and tested out the results at a workshop with national experts.

More information

  • This study has been performed within the framework of theĀ Netherlands Research Programme on Scientific Assessment and Policy Analysis for Climate Change WAB.
  • WAB-Assessment: Helping operationalise article two (HOT) (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)