Biomass energy strategies for aligning development and climate goals in India

27-09-2007 | Publication

The production of modern biomass for energy presents a concrete opportunity for developing countries to align development and climate goals, but one that is also surrounded by questions concerning the sustainability of the production and consumption of biomass.


This report illustrates for the case of India the issues that are relevant to take into account when evaluating the opportunities and risks that are related to the production of biomass for energy. These include employment, reduced dependency from the import of oil and the competition for land and water. The report ends with giving insight in the possible role of biomass in future energy scenario's for India. This report is written as part of the Development and Climate Programme, in which the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, together with a number of institutions from the South and North collaborate to explore how development and climate policies could be aligned.

In cooperation with

Public Systems Group at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India