Climate - Options for broadening climate policy

06-04-2004 | Publication

In this study ways are explored to increase the policy coherence between the climate regime and a selected number of climate relevant policy areas, by adding a non-climate policy track to national and international climate strategies.


The report assesses first the potential, synergies and trade-offs of linking the climate regime to relevant other policy areas, including poverty reduction, land-use, security of energy supply, trade and finance and air quality and health. Next the possibilities to mainstream climate in those policy areas are explored.

After this the question is answered how a 'non-climate' policy track can be made part of the current adaptation and mitigation efforts within UNFCCC and its national implementation. Lastly, the question is answered how national and international policies can contribute to the implementation of the non-climate policy track.

The reports concludes that the non-climate policy track offers a lot of potential to enhance the implementation of climate beneficial development pathways to decrease the vulnerability of societies for climate change and/or result in less greenhouse gas emissions.