Data Management in support of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Modelling at RIVM (Including the 1995 Catalogue of International Data Sets)

01-01-1996 | Publication

This report describes how global and regional data sets are managed within RIVM in relation to UNEP's Global Environmental Outlook and other environmental assessment and global change studies.

The majority of these data sets serves as core input data for assessments and modelling activities, while a smaller number of data sets reflects the results of these activities. Moreover, such core data typically form the basis for defining and deriving environmental indicators for integrated environmental assessment. Logistically, these 'international' data sets are integrated into the overall information infrastructure currently under construction within RIVM, including systems for managing data sets, meta-data (information about the data), quality control and report presentation.

In addition to providing such a selection of meta-data as the 1995 data catalogue, an attempt has been made to put the data logistical work on data into a wider context for environmental data management. This is done by describing both how data needs have been made explicit, and how the information infrastructure has been developed and applied to date.