Environmental Balance 2004. The State of the Dutch environment

12-05-2004 | Publication

Environmental Balance 2004 describes trends in the environment in the Netherlands and the effectiveness of the policies pursued. It also evaluates the degree to which the goals of environmental policies have been achieved.

The main causes of environmental problems in the Netherlands are the increasing mobility, growing spatial pressures, energy consumption and agricultural practices. Technical measures have reduced pressures on the environment on a number of fronts, despite economic growth, but this has not yet led to the restoration of collective goods such as a quiet nature and the landscape. If we are to prevent further erosion of nature and environmental quality, continued efforts will be needed to accommodate economic growth while still reducing environmental pressures.

Although the Environmental Balance is written primarily for the Dutch government, the thematic issues and analyses outlined make the Environmental Balance a book for all who want to know about the state of the environment in the Netherlands and the influence of policy. The book itself is in Dutch, but an English-language summary is available both in printed form (order per email: milieubalans@mnp.nl) and as a pdf file, which can be downloaded as shown below.