Large-scale PM2.5 concentration maps for the Netherlands. A preliminary analysis

30-10-2007 | Publication

A preliminary analysis of PM2.5 concentrations in the Netherlands to investigate the attainability of the proposed European target and limit values for PM2.5 showed PM2.5 concentrations to decrease between 2010 and 2020.

For agglomerations, reductions of 6 10% were calculated on the basis of standing national and European policies, and reductions of 14-19% on the basis of extra policies. The proposed European target for this reduction of 20% will almost certainly not be met on the basis of these scenarios and employing only technical measures. The reduction target might be met with additional local measures. The analysis used maps showing the large-scale PM2.5 concentration in the Netherlands, taking into account the many uncertainties related to PM2.5 emissions, and the chemical composition and measurements of PM2.5.

The total PM2.5 concentration along busy roads was obtained by adding local contributions. Maximum PM2.5 concentrations were calculated for the west and south of the Netherlands. Concentrations between 15 and 26 5g m³ were calculated along busy for these regions for 2015 based on standing national and European policies. The total PM2.5 concentrations is therefore expected to exceed the proposed limit value of 25 5g m³ in only a very limited number of locations in 2015. The calculation takes into account a local increase of the large-scale PM2.5 contribution by local sources and an uncertainty in the measurements of 1 2.5 5g m³ .