The IMAGE 2.2 implementation of the SRES scenarios

26-05-2001 | Publication

CD-rom publication (MNP publication 500110001, reprint of RIVM publication 481508018). A comprehensive analysis of emissions, climate change and impacts in the 21st century. Main disc.

The Integrated Model to Assess the Global Environment (IMAGE) is a dynamic integrated assessment modelling framework for global change. The main objectives of IMAGE are to contribute to scientific understanding and support decision-making by quantifying the relative importance of major processes and interactions in the society-biosphere-climate system. This CD-ROM presents IMAGE 2.2 and its implementation of the six IPCC SRES scenarios. The complete causality chain (from pressure, to state, to impacts, including feedbacks) is modelled by IMAGE 2.2.

The CD-ROM is no longer available. Instead you can download an installable version of the User Support System with the SRES scenarios on our IMAGE site.