Modelling Regional Energy Use for Evaluating Global Climate Scenarios

30-09-1995 | Publication

The Energy-Economy model presented in this report is a submodel of the integrated IMAGE 2.1 model (Integrated Model for Analyzing Greenhouse Effects). The Energy-Economy submodel computes total energy use, with a focus on final energy consumption in end-use sectors, based on economic activity levels and energy conservation potential ("end-use approach").

The IMAGE 2.1 model then computes related emissions of greenhouse gases per region. The Energy-Economy model enables policy planners to generate and develop consistent regional and global scenarios for energy use and industrial processes. For the purpose of generating scenarios of energy conservation and emission control strategies, various techno-economic coefficients in the model can be modified. In this paper calibration of parameters of the model is presented using data of the 1970-1990 period of the residential and industrial sector in Western and Eastern Europe and CIS. In addition, applications of the model are presented for some specific scenario calculations. Future extensions of the model are in preparation.