Modelling the long-term atmospheric behaviour of pollutants on various spatial scales

31-10-1995 | Publication

This report describes the TREND/OPS model for the simulation of the long-term dispersion of air pollution on a local to regional (Europe) scale.

The results of the model are extensively compared with observations of the Dutch National Air Quality Monitoring Network and the model is applied in three application studies:

  1. The geographical distribution of sulphur and nitrogen compounds over the Netherlands and the surface load due to deposition of these compounds
  2. The influence of meteorological parameters on average concentrations in the Netherlands and the early recognition of trends in time series of measured concentrations
  3. The dispersion and deposition of persistent organic pollutants in the European region

The application area of the model is long-term dispersion (single month to a period of several years) and for compounds of which behaviour can be described to a large extend using linear chemistry. For this category of compounds the model forms the basis of many dispersion calculations in the Netherlands. A more customized version of the model is known as the 'Operational Priority Substances' (OPS) model.