Preliminary modelling and mapping of critical loads for cadmium and lead in Europa

25-06-2002 | Publication

The Working Group on Effects (WGE) of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE-CLRTAP), noted the need to further develop and test the methodology for mapping critical loads for cadmium and lead. To this end, the WGE invited the International Cooperative Programme on Modelling and Mapping (ICP M&M) and its Coordination Center for Effects at the RIVM (RIVM-CCE) to issue, by the end of 2001, a call for relevant data to be provided by its network of National Focal Centers (NFCs) on a voluntary basis. This report describes the results of this call for data. Seventeen NFCs responded of which eleven provided data.

The report, includes:

  1. The methodological guidance provided to the NFCs at the time of the call
  2. Preliminary European maps of both critical and stand-still loads loads based on the response from Bulgaria, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukrain, and The United Kingdom
  3. Preliminary exceedance maps produced in collaboration with the EMEP-Meteorological Synthesizing Centre East under the UNECE-CLRTAP, in collaboration with whom this report has been produced.