SusClime: a simulation game on population and development in a resource- and climate-constrained two-country world

30-11-1995 | Publication

In this paper we introduce simulation-gaming as a tool to explore long-term futures.

The modelworld of SusClime is a simple world with two capital stocks, one producing goods (goods producing capital) and one providing services including consumption (population capital) for the people. The necessary energy is deliverd by two capital stocks, one based on oil (carbon-energy) and one on renewable energy (alternative). Investments in energy efficiency bring down the required energy.

The important decisions in the game are about investments, that is, the allocation of the goods produced among these five capital stocks. Moreover, the two countries can trade oil and make loans. The major challenge is to go through the demographic transition by increasing the welfare per person and to make the transition from oil to renewable energy. The latter is needed to avoid negative impacts on the economy due to rising CO2-concentrations.

After the description of the game, some suggestions for systematic experiments are made as a way to gain a better understanding about how cultural bias affects people's perception and behaviour with regard to aspects of the quest for sustainable development.