Summary. The Netherlands in a sustainable world

18-03-2008 | Publication

How has the world changed during the last 20 years after the publication of Our Common Future by the Brundtland Commission, and after the United Nations issued the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development in 1992? Many people have seen considerable improvements in their income, health and level of education. But poverty has not been eradicated, global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions is still unavoidable, and the rate of biodiversity loss is increasing.

The Netherlands in a sustainable world

The Netherlands in a sustainable world (second sustainability outlook) describes what needs to be done to tackle these problems of sustainability, and what specific contribution can be made by the Netherlands. In the coalition agreement, the Dutch government stated its ambition to significantly contribute to a better world. Although this is not a simple task, this report presents the Cabinet with sufficient options for fighting poverty, tackling climate change and limiting the loss of biodiversity. Within the context of a coherent international approach, which forms an important condition for meeting the challenges posed, the Netherlands can make a significant contribution to global sustainable development.