Modelling the impact of sea-salt particles on the exceedances of daily PM10 air quality standards in the Netherlands

14-04-2011 | Publication

Particles generated at the sea surface contribute to PM10 levels in coastal areas. Current estimates suggest annual average contributions of up to 10 µg/m³ along the North Sea coast in the Netherlands.

In this paper the generation of size-segregated sea salt particles is described as a function of meteorological parameters. These particles are fed into a model where transport and deposition processes are taken into account as a function of particle size and relative humidity. Modelled values are compared with daily measurements of Cl concentrations in air (particles < 3.5 µm, 7 locations) and monthly averages of wet Na+ deposition (particles < 100 µm, 14 locations). Results indicate a much lower impact on exceedances of the daily limit value than on annual average PM10 values.