Policy and practice – affordable housing in the Netherlands

31-12-2018 | Artikel

Over the past few years, housing in the Netherlands has become increasingly less affordable, especially for lower income households. This article describes the causes and the most recent policy responses that are aimed at halting this trend. The overheating of the Dutch housing market has spurred debate on several issues, such as affordability and market accessibility, particularly for lower income households and younger people. The article provides certain insights into how national and local policymakers are addressing these issues.

National developments presented from the perspective of housing associations in everyday practice

In this article, PBL researcher Frans Schilder and co-author René Scherpenisse, executive director of housing association Tiwos and board member of Aedes, the national representative body of housing associations. They describe large national economic and institutional changes related to housing in the Netherlands, from the perspective of housing associations—one of the key players on the Dutch housing market.