Quo Vadis MRIO? Methodological, data and institutional requirements for multi-region input–output analysis

23-07-2011 | Publication

In a multi-region input-output (MRIO) model, national input-output tables representing financial transactions between economic sectors within a country, and trade flow tables showing the value of exports and imports by country and economic sectors, are linked together in one coherent accounting framework. MRIO databases, augmented with environmental and social data of economic sectors, are an appropriate basis for the analysis of the whole life-cycle impacts of products and services across international supply chains.

The paper reflects on the reasons for the recent boom in MRIO database compilation, presents the main current MRIO initiatives, lists anticipated requirements for further development and discusses the role of institutions such as governments, statistical offices and international organizations. The goal of the paper is to contribute to the general discussion on MRIO analysis and to help defining the path for future MRIO research.