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Policy and practice – affordable housing in the Netherlands

Over the past few years, housing in the Netherlands has become increasingly less affordable, especially for lower income households. This article describes the causes and the most recent policy responses that are aimed at halting this trend. The overheating of the Dutch...

Towards Housing System Dynamics

This PhD thesis aims at laying some of the groundwork for a more systematic application of system dynamics in the field of housing policy research. It contains a comprehensive review of the available literature as well as four case studies.

Houdini: a system dynamics model for housing market reforms

This paper describes work in progress on Houdini: a system dynamics model of the Dutch housing market focused on explaining institutional structures leading to high price increases and obstructing new supply and on proposed reforms.

Life events and the gap between intention to move and actual mobility

Life events are frequently mentioned as a reason why people do not behave according to their mobility intentions. However, there is little empirical evidence concerning the role of life events in the discrepancy between stated mobility intentions and actual mobility behaviour.

House Prices, Bubbles and City Size

The authors of this article build a theoretical model that relates house price, city size and the expected future growth of demand for housing. The model combines the Alonso-Mills model on urban economics with insights from financial economics on house prices. Estimating the...