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Energy and Climate Change

What is the link between greenhouse gas emissions and concentrations, temperature, and impacts?

Question and Answer | 01-12-2015

The main drivers of climate change are greenhouse gas emissions from energy use and agriculture.
These emissions lead to increases in greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, which has a warming effect on climate. 

Responses to climate change

There are several ways to respond to climate change:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation)
  • Removing CO2 from the atmosphere (carbon-dioxide removal, CDR)
  • Limiting climate change by breaking the link between GHG concentrations and warming (solar radiation management, SRM)
  • Limiting climate impacts through adaptation measures

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More information

More information can be found in the PBL publications Meeting the 2 0C degree target, From climate objective to emission reduction measures and Contribution by factors of cooling and warming.

More information about CDR and SRM can be found in the IPCC publication on geoengineering.