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Nature, landscapes and biodiversity

What future is there for global biodiversity?

What is happening to life on earth? And what can be done to stop the decline in biodiversity? This animated film brings us to 2050 and shows that the future is not fixed: the choices that we make today will determine what the future world will look like.

Today’s Dutch landscape is largely human-made. Because of changes in land use, caused for example by agricultural and urban expansion, there is far less nature area than there was some centuries ago. Over the last decades, the agricultural landscape has also become less divers.  

With a large variety of studies, PBL supports policy on nature, landscape and ecosystem services. Policy progress and result are analysed in assessment studies, whereas outlook studies show  possible future developments in those three areas. PBL also provides options for policymakers to anticipate on those developments. This concerns both Dutch, European and global studies.