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Nature, landscapes and biodiversity

What are the effects of climate change on biodiversity?

Question and Answer | 18-06-2015

Climate change is already bringing about structural changes in nature: plant and animal habitats are shifting and species are adapting their life cycles. The temperature is rising so fast that not all plant and animal species are expected to be able to keep up. These changes can be eased by policies for creating a coherent network of nature areas so that plants and animals can reach suitable new habitats. This is the aim of the National Ecological Network (NEN), but its assembly is behind schedule and in danger of falling further behind.

Many plant and animal populations in the Netherlands are declining in number. In most of the conservation areas designated under the Birds and Habitats Directives, the environmental quality is not good enough for the long-term protection of species. Outside the protected areas, the rural landscape is becoming an increasingly difficult barrier for plants and animals to cross because of expanding urbanization and intensive agricultural practices.

For more information, see the PBL-report: Adaptation strategy for climate-proofing biodiversity

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