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Sustainable Development

Can climate change policies contribute to sustainable

Question and Answer | 20-01-2015

Yes; by exploring the opportunities for a non-climate policy track to integrate climate concerns into other policy areas, i.e. ‘mainstreaming climate change’. These policies can be implemented at local, national and various international levels. A recent analysis, covering five policy areas, i.e. poverty, land-use, security of energy supply, trade and finance and air pollution and health, shows considerable potential for addressing climate change through actions that can be taken to realize primary policy objectives in other policy areas. For example, there is potential for synergies in air pollution and climate change policy, especially in the technological measures taken, because the main causes of both air pollution and climate change lie in burning of fossil fuels. Policy harmonization was found necessary to capture synergies, but fully integrating the two policy areas was not considered viable because the time scale and location of impacts, and effects of measures will make the formulation of common goals and targets almost impossible.