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The impact of a Brexit on British regions

Nieuwsbericht | 22-06-2016

New research by the CER (Centre for European Reform), University of Groningen and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency shows the paradoxical result that eurosceptic regions have the most to lose from a Brexit. The research is based on a unique dataset and a new approach to measure economic regional integration, that was developed by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency in the Smartspec European Framework 7 project.

John Springford (Centre for European Reform) explains the results in a podcast. Springford, as first author of the paper, talks about the positive correlation between a region’s level of economic integration with the EU and that region’s euroscepticism. Also, he elaborates on the second striking result of this research: England’s regions outside of London and the South East (the most Eurosceptic regions) not only suffer the most from a Brexit, but also have the least immigrants.

The results of the research can be found on: 'Brexiting yourself in the foot: Why Britain’s eurosceptic regions have most to lose from EU withdrawal'.

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For more information: Marlies Hanifer (PBL's spokesperson) via persvoorlichting@pbl.nl.