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  1. N:P:Si nutrient export ratios and ecological consequences in coastal seas evaluated by the ICEP approach

    Calculated Indicator for Coastal Eutrophication Potential (ICEP) for the year 2050 based on Global NEWS data for the four Millennium Ecosystem Assessment scenarios show increasing values...

  2. Global river nutrient export: A scenario analysis of past and future trend

    Synthesis of the Global Nutrient export from Watersheds project.

  3. Increasing anthropogenic nitrogen inputs and riverine DIN exports from the Changjiang River basin

    Our result indicates that anthropogenically enhanced N inputs dominate and will continue to dominate river DIN yields under changing human pressures in the basin. Therefore, nitrogen pollution is...

  4. Water and nutrient fluxes from major Mediterranean and Black Sea rivers

    Because of the ongoing evolution toward dryer and warmer conditions, we predict a significant trend of decreasing freshwater fluxes for the future, which already started in the past. Regional hot...

  5. Publications

    Selection of most relevant publications, first authored and co-authored.

  6. Magnitudes and sources of dissolved inorganic phosphorus inputs to surface fresh waters and the coastal zone

    The first spatially explicit, global DIP river export: a major step forwards

  7. Human alteration of the global nitrogen and phosphorus soil balances for the period 1970–2050

    The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA) scenarios allow for describing contrasting future developments in agricultural nutrient use under changing climate for the next five decades. Massive...

  8. Is het Nationaal Hydrologische Instrumentarium gereed voor het voorspellen van natuureffecten?

    Grondwatermodellen worden doorgaans geijkt op en gevalideerd aan stijghoogten die gemeten zijn in peilbuizen en, in het gunstige geval, ook aan gemeten balanstermen, zoals afvoeren en...

  9. Global patterns of dissolved silica export to the coastal zone: Results from a spatially explicit global model

    This study presents a model for river export of dissolved SiO 2 , with river-basin spatial scale and an annual temporal scale. The model is based on four variables with a significant influence on...

  10. EDGAR 3 World Regions

    OECD EUROPE 276 DEU GERMANY 6000 . 03: OECD EUROPE 292 GIB ...