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Expanding cities need smart water approach


On request of UN Habitat, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has published today ‘Towards a world of cities in 2050 - an outlook on water-related challenges’. In this study the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, together with Arcadis, UNESCO-IHE and VU Amsterdam University, explores, future trends and challenges on these topics as input for the upcoming UN Habitat Global Report.

The Netherlands in 21 infographics


In ‘The Netherlands in 21 infographics – Facts and figures on the human environment’ the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency presents facts and figures in a novel way. The booklet covers three important domains within our environment: food, energy and transport.

IMAGE 3.0 released


PBL released a new version of its internationally leading integrated assessment model framework IMAGE – IMAGE 3.0. The model has been improved to strengthen its relevance in assessing long-term environmental and sustainability problems and identifying possible answers.

Smart about Cities – visualising the challenge for 21st century urbanism


The future of the city has suddenly re-emerged at the top of the political agenda. And quite rightly so. Attention is largely focused on the idea of the 'smart city' – which is based on innovative urban planning, using smart technologies that make cities both safer and cleaner and, in particular, more efficient. But do they really improve cities, though?

Climate Dialogue reopened with a discussion on Climate Sensitivity


After a nine-month period of silence, a new discussion has started on Climate Dialogue, an international blog on the science of climate change. Goal of the platform is to explore the full range of views currently held by scientists, by inviting experts with differing views on the topic to participate. This new discussion is about one of the most crucial subjects in climate science: climate sensitivity.


PBL organized two seminars during the IABR

As part of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency organized two symposia in The Kunsthal in Rotterdam. On June, 5: ‘The infrastructure of the Smart City’ (in Dutch); on June, 19: ‘Global challenges, urban futures’.

Green Gains: In search of opportunities for the Dutch economy

If the Netherlands is to remain a strong player in the global economy, it needs to intensify its efforts in greening its economy. The Netherlands lags behind competing neighbouring countries, who began their transition towards a green economy earlier, focus more on doing so, have ambitious long-term targets in place, and invest heavily in research. The business community by itself cannot bring about a green Dutch economy; the government also has an important role to play. What is needed is a stronger, greener innovation policy.