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Survey shows: Europeans have a broad conception of nature


According to a recent survey, Europeans have a broad conception of nature. For them, anything from primeval forests and swamps, to garden plants and large crop fields is natural. The survey was held in nine EU Member States. The survey was conducted as part of the Nature Outlook project by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

Subsidence of peatlands leads to high costs


In the Netherlands, the cost for society of land subsidence occuring in peatlands amounts to billions of euros. Up to 2050, the cost of repairing damage to the infrastructure and frequent maintenance may be as high as 5.2 billion euros

Global decrease in coal burning leads to stalling of CO2 emissions in 2015


In 2015, after three years of slow growth, global CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel use and from steel and cement production were brought to a standstill. One of the main causes was the 2% global decrease in coal burning and cement production. The global decrease in CO2 emissions from coal use was offset by increasing emissions from the combustion of natural gas and oil products.


Nature Outlook 2016

What is the potential of new coalitions of governments, businesses and citizens to contribute to the EU's biodiversity goals? In the Nature Outlook, PBL uses a new approach to explore this question. Based on the multiple visions that people and businesses have on nature, the study will elaborate four different perspectives for nature in the EU by 2050, exploring the synergies between them and identifying corresponding coalitions of actors. What are the actions they can take to bring desired futures near?

Cities in Europe and the Netherlands

Cities are expected to play a key role in delivering the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, green and inclusive growth. Cities and urban areas in Europe presented in 25 infographics.

One-page website on water safety

The Netherlands is currently the best protected delta in the world. However, flooding can never be ruled out completely. In terms of consequences, floods are among the worst disasters that can hit the Netherlands. This onepager shows the possibilities to reduce the number of potential casualties and decrease social disruption.

One-pager on global CO2

Are global CO2 emissions still rising? This one-pager answers questions such as: which countries are the largest emitters? And have developed countries reduced their emissions? PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency presents the latest facts and figures.

Biodiversity: further decline or bending the trend?

What is happening to life on earth? What are the pressures affecting biological diversity globally, and what can be done to stop its decline? This animated film brings you to the year 2050. The choices that we as a society make today will determine what the world will look like decades from now.