Paul Lucas is integrated assessment modeler and project leader ‘Sustainable development Goals and Planetary Boundaries’ at PBL. He is part of the IMAGE Integrated Assessment Modelling team, working on the link between global environmental change and human development. The SDG project supports national and international implementation of the SDGs. Main clients include various ministries within the Dutch Government, the EU and UNEP.

His research centers around integrated assessment of achieving long-term sustainability targets and translation of global environmental challenges and agreements to the national level, with a specific focus on the environmental dimension of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In recent work he looked into national SDG implementation, scaling Planetary Boundaries to the national level and global scenarios for achieving environment-related SDGs.

Paul is a member of the Planetary Boundaries research network (PB-net), contributed to the Global Monitoring Report series of the World Bank and was involved as a lead author for UNEP’s fifth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-5) and as Coordinating Lead Author for UNEP’s GEO-6. Furthermore, he has written various scientific articles, addressing climate policy, energy dynamics, SDG implementation and operationalization of planetary boundaries.