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PBL contributes to operationalizing the Action Agenda for Nature and People


PBL explores institutional options for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. Both an international workshop and a recent scientific article showcase the potential for the development and implementation of the Action Agenda for Nature and People.

The Netherlands has 85,000 circular activities, but new initiatives are struggling to break through


The Dutch economy has around 85,000 circular activities that employ around 420,000 people (4% of all jobs), but innovative initiatives are slow in gaining popularity, This is the main conclusion from PBL’s inventory of circular activities within the Dutch economy. 



Locating available space in urban areas; spatial density and mixed use


In urban regions in the Netherlands, the demand for housing, business locations, recreational areas and infrastructure is large, while space is only scarcely available. Locating that space and utilising it efficiently calls for knowledge about urban density levels. In order to determine these levels, PBL has developed RUDIFUN—a model on spatial density and mixed use in the Netherlands that covers the entire country.


Outline of the circular economy

This PBL report provides an outline of the current state of the circular economy in the Netherlands. In addition it shows opportunities and suggestions for subsequent steps towards achieving a circular economy.

Intergovernmental Global Assessment on Biodiversity

The UN Global Assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem services analyses the causes for the loss of biodiversity, the implications for people worldwide, and options for improving nature worldwide. 2 PBL-researchers contributed.

Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6)

Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) calls for wide-ranging innovations and integrative policies. Two PBL researchers coordinated the scenario analysis in the report.

The Geography of Future Water Challenges: the website

Water-related risks are increasing in many regions across the globe. Main drivers are rapid population growth and climate change. This storyboard aims to increase the awareness of the urgent need to tackle the challenges ahead.

Cities in Europe and the Netherlands

Cities are expected to play a key role in delivering the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, green and inclusive growth. Cities and urban areas in Europe presented in 25 infographics.