PBL websites provide current and reliable information on PBL's research areas. If you are looking for older information that is no longer available from one of our websites, you can visit our web archives.

The purpose of web archives

Government information needs to be easy to find. This applies to both current and older information. Information that is dated further back may be important from a historical or cultural perspective. Another matter is that citizens and companies may derive certain rights from information available on government websites. Such information may, for example, be used in evidence in a court case.

Therefore, all of PBL’s webpages and entire websites are preserved. If you would like to know what information was on our websites in the past, or view a certain website that has since been removed, then please check out our web archives.


How the web archives work

At certain points in time, snapshots are taken of PBL websites for the archives. For some, daily or monthly snapshots are taken, others are preserved in a singular snapshot. All our webarchives started in October 2020.

Our web archives can be used in 2 ways:

  • You can navigate a particular day in the web archives, by selecting this date from the calendar (the grey bar on the left side of your screen), or
  • You can search for a particular subject by using the archives search bar (below the calendar). Please note that the search functionality in the web archive does not draw information from the current PBL websites.

More in formation

For questions or more information about our web archives, please contact us at