The amount of raw materials used, worldwide, has increased eightfold, over the past century. This leads to an increasing burden on the environment. In a circular economy, a more efficient use of raw materials is a central issue. A circular economy focuses on keeping raw materials longer within the production chain, with the aim of their optimal use and reuse, i.e. with the highest value for the economy and the least impact on the environment.

In the Netherlands, the transition to a circular economy is increasingly taking shape, both in society and with respect to the government. PBL supports this process with various forms of research. We analyse the impact of policy on the environment and the economy, identify opportunities and obstacles for citizens and businesses, and explore which policy instruments could lead to a circular economy. At the request of the Dutch Government, PBL takes the lead in a national research programme aiming at monitoring and evaluating the progress of the transition to a circular economy.

On a European level, research and policy increasingly focus on the circular economy. Therefore, PBL would like to share the accumulated knowledge and insights with international partners. Insofar as our publications are available in English, we will make them available via this page. If you have any questions about our publications, or like to share knowledge on this subject, please feel free to contact us.