Opportunities for a circular economy

A circular economy offers opportunities for the European economy and can improve the environment as well as secure resource flows. The one-pager on circular economy is now available in English.

Europe can profit from a circular economy

Countries in Europe can profit from a circular economy, as it may strengthen their competitive position, result in a cleaner environment, and improve the supply of resources. This is shown in a new one-pager by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, which takes the Netherlands as a case in point. The one-pager covers all aspects of a circular economy, showing that it involves much more than merely recycling materials.

From recycling to closing the loop

The Netherlands already has one of the highest recycling percentages of Europe. However, for a truly circular economy, more is needed, for instance: other design, reuse and repair of products and high quality recycling of materials. Realising the transition towards a circular economy is an enormous task. Often, government policies will be needed to remove barriers and make the way resources are used radically more efficient.


About the topic:

Circular Economy

Circular economy is about a radically reduced and more efficient use of material resources. It focuses on keeping raw materials longer within the production chain, with the aim of their optimal use and reuse.

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