Infographic presentations illustrate coherent approaches for global sustainable development

The world is looking for ways to navigate challenges, such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, food security and biodiversity loss, in order to safeguard current and future global well-being. These challenges are complex and deeply interrelated, which means coherent approaches are required to enable the shift towards sustainable development pathways. In a set of six infographic presentations, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency offers storylines that each illustrate various types of interrelations, as well as multiple strategies to address coherence in practice.

There is broad recognition about the need for coherent policy approaches to address the interrelated character of sustainable development. At the same time, putting such coherence into practice can often be a challenge in itself. It requires insight into the characteristics of the interrelationships and the approaches to address them. Over the years, the cooperation between PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has yielded several such insights. A set of infographic presentations provides several storylines to support policymakers navigating the challenge of practicing coherence.


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Sustainable Development

Research about the quality of life and the possibilities to maintain or improve this quality in the future.

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