Symposium Report: Reducing land take - examples from abroad


The European objective to achieve ‘No Net Land Take in 2050’ (NNLT) took spatial planners in the Netherlands by surprise. Other member states, however, have been actively trying to reduce their urban development for years. What can we learn from each other? That was the topic of the PBL/ESPON symposium ‘Reducing land take – examples from abroad’ on September 27.

This event brought Dutch policymakers and researchers together with counterparts in neighbouring countries. In this sense, it was akin to the ESPON ‘peer learning’ seminars: the focus was on exchanging experiences so that the Dutch could take the next steps in policy development and monitoring.

The NNLT symposium drew a broad audience: roughly 150 people attended (of which about two-thirds online), mostly academics and policymakers at various levels and fields, also a few journalists, students and independent experts. See downloads and links for the full report.  

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