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Methodology for Earth System Governance Research

Newsitem | 07-01-2013

A global 'Task Force on Methodology for Earth System Governance Research' has been established, co-chaired by PBL’s Chief Scientist Arthur Petersen. This Task Force will address methodological challenges in earth system governance research by promoting new international research collaborations, fostering interaction and dialogue among existing research projects, and developing architectures to promote the building and sharing of datasets that can advance quantitative earth system governance research.

The Earth System Governance project has established a “Task Force on Methodology for Earth System Governance Research”, co-chaired by Arthur C. Petersen, Ronald B. Mitchell and Norichika Kanie. As the Earth System Governance Science Plan makes clear, there are quite a number of methodological challenges for earth system governance research, in terms of both social science methods and interdisciplinary methods at the interface of social and natural sciences. The Task Force on Methodology for Earth System Governance Research will seek to extend existing efforts to address these methodological challenges.

Inaugural workshop in Tokyo on 28 January 2013

An inaugural workshop will be organized on 28 January 2013, just before the Earth System Governance Tokyo conference (28–31 January 2013). The topic of this workshop is “Governance in Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSPs)” and is jointly organized by the Ad Hoc Joint IAV-IAM Committee on Development and Use of Socio-Economic Scenarios and the Task Force on Methodology for Earth System Governance Research. The workshop aims to bring together the integrated assessment scenario community and their work on the Shared Socio-economic Pathways (the next generation scenarios for analyzing climate change, adaptation and mitigation) and the Earth System Governance community, to further explore possibilities for improved scenario analysis and joint research.


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