Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom: lessons to be learnt for the Netherlands?

23-05-2013 | Publication

This report synthesises the outcomes of the seminar on the Energy Transitions in North-western Europe. The aim of the seminar was to feed lessons learnt from Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom into the negotiations for a National Energy Agreement in the Netherlands. The seminar sought to explore how three neighbouring countries have institutionally managed and embedded the transition to a low-carbon energy system over the past decades in policy.

Five key messages

While realising that the Dutch Energy Agreement cannot be a copycat version of foreign examples, there is much to learn from the experiences in neighbouring countries. Five key messages emerged from the different presentations and the panel discussions on lessons from low-carbon energy policy experience in three countries.

  • Sketch a long-term energy and climate vision
  • Preserve permanent institutions for continued consensus building among stakeholders, translation of the vision into medium term execution plans and monitoring of progress.
  • Create (local) ownership in society of the transition to a low carbon energy system.
  • Good policies come in packages.
  • Address the energy transition together with other countries.